Enjoy More, Worry Less.

With PlanPay, transform how you experience the world. Spread out your payments with flexible instalments before you embark on your journey. It's as simple as sign up, set your plan, and soar.

Leave the traditional stresses behind. With us, you savor the moments without dreading the bills waiting at home.

No more financial hangover.

Our mission

At PlanPay, our purpose is to unlock a world of transformative experiences for everyone. From the mountaintop breeze to the city skyline sparkle, life-changing moments shouldn't be once-in-a-lifetime.

We're dedicated to giving you the power to dream, plan, and embark on journeys without the dread of financial hangovers.

We aim to redefine payment landscapes, making the world's wonders accessible and ensuring your heart's desires are always within reach.

With PlanPay, experience more, stress less, and let every moment count

Our Guiding Principles

At PlanPay, our values are more than just words; they're the compass that guides our actions, decisions, and innovations. Rooted in a culture of growth and transformation, these principles light our path as we redefine the world of payments. Join us in this journey, driven by the essence of who we are.

We're go-getters

We're proactive, seizing opportunities with enthusiasm and determination. We don't wait for things to happen; we make them happen.

We're encouraging

We uplift each other, fostering a positive and supportive environment. Celebrating successes, learning from failures, and pushing boundaries together.

We're open

Transparency and honesty are at our core. We embrace feedback, diverse perspectives, and are always open to learning and growing.

We're disruptive

We challenge the status quo, thinking outside the box to bring innovative solutions to the table. Traditional norms don't define us; groundbreaking ideas do.